Who Really Mash Up??

Bacchanal is hotting up in Trinidad with Iwer George, as he released his first power single of the season "Bacchanal Roadmarch 2" during the month of December, targeting the the so called Soca Mafia. Last year's rivalry between the Water Lord and Monk Monte took another turn when Machel hit back with an answer back called Dr Mash Up.

Round 1 - Iwer George

Round 1 - Machel Montano


After that commotion, as if things couldn't escalate into another frenzy? Iwer went back into the studio to hit back Machel and his camp with new verses. It was also said that genius behind Dr Mashup was Skinny Fabulous ghost writing skills.

Well it was a complete landslide when Machel came with another hard hitter reply with Dr Mash Up! Lets just say you dont call yourself the King of Soca for no reason! See below for round 2.


Round 2 - Iwer George

Round 2 - Machel Montano


The last time Soca witnessed such an explosive mini clash so to speak is when the Brothers of the original Burning Flames had a back and fourth session for several years.

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