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Vincy Mas Soca Monarch 2019 - The Results 

Soca Monarch this year saw many challenging the people's champion Fireman Hooper, and boy a dream come true for Magikal, dethroning Victoria Park's greatest performer. Skinny Fabulous & Problem Child were not amongst the finalists after making it clear they would retire to make way for the future talent of St Vincent & The Grenadines.

We also saw justice served for St Vincent's golden voice, Hance who took the Ragga Soca Monarch crown and it sure was a blessing with the progression this talented man has had in the past 2 years. See below for further details;


Ragga Soca Monarch Results

1st  - Hance - Officer

2nd - Fireman Hooper - GPS

3rd - Chewalee - Rum Cheaper Than Woman


Power Soca Monarch Results

1st - Magikal - Bloody Hell Crazy

2nd - Fireman Hooper - Shake It Down

3rd - Tuffa - Me Liver

4th - Caspa G - Rum Diaries


HANCE (Ragga Soca Monarch Winner 2019)


MAGIKAL (Power Soca Monarch Winner 2019)


St Lucia Soca Monarch Results 2019 

St Lucia saw a new name to the Groovy Monarch by the name of  Sly, out of Vye Twizeen Boys. In the Power Category Ricky T held on to his title, making this 21 titles. For more insight see below for details and coverage of the winning songs;


Groovy Monarch 2019

1st  - Sly (Vye Twizeen Boys) - Mix Up 
2nd - Ricky T - Just A Friend 
3rd - Shemmy J - Pretty On Purpose 
4th - The Invader - Cock Up 

Power Monarch 2019

1st - Ricky T - Mess 
2nd - Ezra D’ Fun Machine - Touchdown
3rd - Mantius - Fire Under My Feet 
4th - Pablo - Keisha 


VYE TWIZEEN BOYS (Groovy Soca Monarch Winner 2019)


RICKY T (Power Soca Monarch Winner 2019)

International Bashment Soca Monarch 2019 - Results 

Last night we saw a first for the International Bashment Soca Monarch Finals, where it was not just one winner but two crowns as it was honours even.

The Finalists were as follows;


Blaze Anthonio - De Forenah (Guyana)

Jagwa De Champ - Bounce

King Bubba FM - She Always Bend Over

Mara Rose - Handle It

Marzville - O.M.G (Oh My Gosh)

Mole - Deh Wid Um

Sita the Lyrical Diva - Twirl (St Vincent)

SK - Reverse 

Subance x Mighty - Two Clap (St. Lucia)

Sugahrhe - Press My Buttons 

Under dawg - Ben Over

Walkes - I Waan Meet Meat

Lil Rick - Balance Batty (Defending Champion)


The Final Results were as follows;

Joint 1st Place  - King Bubba & SK

2nd Place - Lil Rick

3rd Place - Unda Dawg


See below for winning performances;

KING BUBBA (International Bashment Soca Monarch Winner 2019)


SK (International Bashment Soca Monarch Winner 2019)


Vincy Mas Soca Monarch 2019 Finalists 

So Long Sweet & Party Monarch 


It seems change is one of the key factors in Crop Over this year with another major shake up to the Sweet Groovy and Party Monarch. These two heavy competitions being scrapped to combine one major finals.

Will this change similar to Trinidad's International Soca Monarch go down with the locals only time will tell going forward. I personally prefer when styles of Soca are separated to give a fair chance for both parties to compete on a even playing field.


International Bashment Soca 2019 - Changes  



March saw some major changes to the structure of the third instalment of the International Bashment Soca Monarch. This year it moves from the standard stage layout to outdoor and on the beach, so attire will now be a factor for party goers who are looking to attend this event. 

With that being said, Sweet Groovy and Party Monarch Semi Finals will be done separately away from the Bashment Soca Monarch. Changes to the prize money is slightly less and 2nd, as well as 3rd place will now be given prize money for their troubles.




A Long Walk To Freedom 

On Saturday 16th March saw, the highly anticipated return of Buju Banton on the main stage of Jamaica's national stadium. Featuring an array of Jamaica's talented Reggae and Dancehall artists paying respect to one of the iconic stars of this generation.

There will be many more opportunities for fans to see Buju Banton live as he tours around the Caribbean, then going further ashore later on in the year. Check out the highlights and of course future event dates



European (UK) Soca Monarch 2019 

With a 3 year break from the original UK Soca Monarch which was held in Scala 2016, has been revamped to a new platform. All we know at this moment in time it's to be scheduled on 22 August 2019. Question on Artists and fans alike will be "What will it mean for those Artists taking part and will there be any rewarding benefits?"

I for one have been a fan of the UK talent pool and felt over time like many Caribbean Soca Monarchs the best talents tend to fall out due to winning or being cheated. If you was to ask me who i would like to see in this year's competition well it would be a set of bacchanal between few artists as the energy over the years has been some what bitter sweet.

More info to follow #EUKMonarch

Road March or Stage March Winner 2019 

With the Mecca of Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago coming to a close, you can't help but ask yourself did revellers vote count or was it a Mafia hand in play that gave Machel his 10th road march of his career. This year with social media playing its part from masqueraders claiming that Savannah Grass was the people's choice on Monday and Tuesday.

We even got a plea from Runner up, Kes claiming the rules need to be changed to make it's a fairer competition as over the years dj's are forced to play a particular track on the stage and not just during road experience. This year's road march title was too close to call and even after the long wait no one knew who was truly going to take it.

Congratulations to all Soca artists and producers who made this season a very memorable one.





Skinny Fabulous, Machel Montano & Bunji Garlin - Famalay



Kes The Band - Savannah Grass


International Soca Monarch Results 2019 (Trinidad) 

It was a night for Grenadian representation in this year's Soca monarch with representation coming from V'ghn and Mandella in the groovy and Mr Legz, Wuss Ways and Mr Killa representing heavy in the power. Some might say it should have been a 1, 2 with Grenada taking it but it was Swappi who saved Trini's blushes in their own back yard for the groovy category.



1st Place - Mr Killa - Run Wid It

2nd Place - Iwer George - Water Blessings

3rd Place - Mr Legz - Wining Challenge 




1st Place - Swappi - Party Start

2nd Place - Teddyson John - Vent

3rd Place - V'ghn - Trouble In The Morning