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Frantic Friday?! 

After last year's success many of those who have loved the essence of Soca Monarch were most certainly looking forward to this year's showcase, especially with the return of Power Soca in Trinidad. 

What is rather odd is that Fay Ann Lyons has recently come out saying she's stepping down from her role in managing this year's event due to not been given the backing or support to put on a successful Monarch. Despite having plans ready since August as the chairman of the show, the other owners have not given her the permission to continue her work.

With the competition semi's scheduled for 2nd of February, we shall see what happens from here on in.



                           EBUZZ TT

End of An Era Monday 

The King of Soca, Machel Montano announced at Black To Blue Breakfast Party he will be doing his final "Machel Monday" which has been going for an epic 9 years. For 2020 this will be a finale of the popular Concert Series which is scheduled for February 17th, celebrating the new talent as well as the old and the most thrilling performances from other regional and international stars alike.


Spice Mas - Soca Monarch Results 2019 

Grenada's Soca Monarch competition for Spice Mas is always a spectacular scene of vibrant and high energy from the locals as they witness who will be King or Queen of the island as they battle it out in the Groovy and Power Monarch Categories. See the official results and the winning performances.


Groovy Monarch Winner:


1st - Vghn & Dash 261 Points

3rd - Terror D Governor - Gratitude - 259 Points

4th - Luni Spark & Electrify - Chocolate & Cryave - Genie Lover - 221 Points

6th - Valene - Let Them Talk - 213 Points


Congratulations to Vghn & Dash sharing the honers for Groovy Monarch title.

Vghn - Soca Nice


Dash - Ah Telling Yuh



Power Monarch Winner:


1st - Boyzie - 263 Points

2nd - Luni Spark & Electrify - Bacchanal Party - 260 Points

3rd - Terror D Governor - Black Power - 259 Points

4th - Wuss Ways - Jamming - 253 Points


Congratulations to Boyzie taking the win

Boyzie - De Return

Antigua & Barbuda - Road March Results 2019 

There was one artist who went clear for the road march title for 2019 and he made this his second title for the season, with winning the Jumpy Party Monarch competition and now Road March, well done to Low Rider. Here are the official results below;


Road March Winner

1st - Low Rider - Fish Dance - Played 117 times

2nd - Tian Winter - In Yuh Face - Played 37 times

3rd - Menace - Tanya - Played 33 times

Antigua & Barbuda - Party Monarch Results 2019 

With the lack of music last year, i thought it was important to see Antigua and Barbuda represented back to normal business with marketing and awareness. In recent years they've been quiet outside of their island compared to other Caribbean nations who contribute to the Soca Music industry.

Here are the official results for Antigua & Barbuda's Party Monarch 2019.



1st - Menace XL - Tanya

2nd - Tian Winter - Do Wah Yuh Want

3rd - Kimmy - Ah Sure



1st - Low Rider - Fish Dance

2nd - Tian Winter - In Yuh Face

3rd - Ricardo Drue - Teacher


Congratulations to Menace XL & Low Rider



Crop Over - People's Monarch Results 2019 

The only competition by the people, of the people and for the people of Barbados. 

Congratulations to Leadpipe x Jus Say for their winning song Sometime with 73% of the votes, which defeated Hypasounds song Fair Sa (Feh Sa)



Crop Over - Soca Monarch Results 2019 

With the changes from two competitions to one, there was always going to be a winner. This year's competition saw many sweet tunes potentially taking the crown but some might say other performances were winners in their eyes. So here are the results below;


Soca Monarch Winner:

1st - Mikey - Action Time Again - 98 points

2nd - Lil Rick - Jam Down - 75 points

3rd - Leadpipe - Sometime - 74 points


Congratulations to Mikey on being the first Bajan Soca Monarch.