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Change Of Direction 

2020 has been a year that has seen the Soca Music Industry change in more ways than one and we've now seen Carriacou star Shortpree announce he's taking a new direction and may not be singing Soca live on stage in the future. Does this mean he's done with Soca Music all together that's still to be answered in clarity.


To Follow his future endeavours see the instagram link below

Ayanfe aka Shortpree

Hello Thats Familiar 

Fans of Kes The Band were tagging the group to share their congratulations but it was some what confusing when the Band realised that the latest Apple advert has a very similar chorus to their hit single "Hello" which was released in 2018.

The Band's lawyers are taking legal action towards the artist Wolf who has a similar title "Hello Hello Hello" which she released in 2019 and of course is the theme song for Apple's latest mobile devices for 2020.

For a mashup of the comparison, see the link below;



Its Problems Again 

The Vincy bad boy recently dropped his full album called "Problems Again" and i must say its refreshing to see artists putting out music that wasn't released for their Carnival season and giving back to their fans. 

I was one of many who went out to support this artist and its well worth a purchase. So go and support the artform and the artists putting in the work. Big up all the features and produces who made this album sweet.

Happy birthday Jonny Faintaine aka Problem Child. Look forward to 2021 and i think "Better Must Come" is one of my favourite tracks on the album, pure sweet fuh days vibes.


To get your copy of this album click the desired links below:





Legacy Will Leave On 

One of the greats from the Calypso Era, the King Mighty Swallow passed away at the age of 78, on September 11, 2020. Many will remember his tune "Fire in The Back Seat" but he was a man with many hits to his name and i felt light needed to be shone on his vibes.

On 22nd October on my weekly island jam show i decided to showcase his hits over his fab career and i must say there was tunes i wasn't aware he had done and wished i had discovered this earlier as i do love the classic gems of Calypso.

Check out a small documentary of the legend and a mix so you can get feel of his talent.


Tribute from Antigua Carnival Festivals Commissions


Soca Hub's Tribute Mix

Views Over Your Head  

Its been a great month for Triniboi Joocie and Wetty Beatz as they reached a fantastic milestone of 1 million views on Youtube. This month also saw their track added to BBC's 1xtra's official playlist exposing Soca Music in more ways than one.

As soon as this track was previewed at the Triniboi Joocie's 10 year anniversary show, i was highly anticipated this track as its such a catchy yet simple song. I will most certainly will be playing it on the road for 2021 when giving the chance!.

Check out the official video below



UK Groovy Monarch Winner 2020 

During the Digital edition for Notting Hill Carnival 2020, saw one of our home grown talents Ms Desire take the title with her winning song "Soca Raised Me".

Congratulations to Ms Desire and her management. Check out the winning performance below:

Notting HIll Carnival - Digital Edition 2020 

Like many special Carnivals around the globe, the pandemic has put a real spanner in the works for those are involved in the heart of the culture, as well as those who look forward to London's proudest and European's largest Carnival.

We can still enjoy the vibes this year, especially for those who have never attended a Notting Hill Carnival. To get involved in the action on a digital scale, check out the preview video below

Check the official website right here:


Cyber Monarch 2020 

On Friday 7th August saw the first ever Cyber Monarch for Spice Mas due to the pandemic. With music flowing and vibes to play ah mass resonating with fellow Grenadians, the event had its usual backlash of controversy with the final call of the results.

Some felt it was a fix with Boyzie yet again winning while others like Lednek and Terror D Governor were not among the top 3 of this year's overall combined Monarch results, despite having a great track & performance on the night. We shall see what 2021 has for these artists as patrons will ring out their favourite jab song of the season.

Here are the official Cyber Monarch results:


1st - Boyzie - Song "Headache"


2nd - Dash - Song "What Happen"


3rd - Luni Sparks and Electrify - Song "Jab Lives Matter"



People's Choice - Boyzie

Nailah Blackman - Grammy Worthy 

Mid July saw us treated by the announcement of the young talented Soca Star Nailah, who's been invited to join the Recording Academy. Their responsible for the Grammy awards.

With that being said, there's now a real possible chance that the twin island songstress will be eligible to be nominated for a Grammy. For the artist and the Soca Community this is news we want to hear and keep pushing as Soca music still thrives to be recognised as an official genre in some highly established platforms such as iTunes.

Her team are making the necessary adjustments for future and we now watch this space with gleaming eyes.


Vincy Mas Virtual Soca & Calypso Monarch 2020 

In the first week of July would have seen the highly anticipated Vincy Mas Soca Monarch take place. With the current pandemic it was done by showcasing it as a virtual spectacle which commenced on 4th & 5th July.


Click Here for Highlights of Ragga / Soca Monarch & courtesy of STV Online

Click Here for Highlights of the Calypso Monarch courtesy of STV Online

Your respected winners of this years Virtual Competitions are;

Virtual Soca Monarch King

SICKO (IG: @sicko_music) - Song "Jam"



Virtual Ragga Soca Monarch Winner

D-FUSION (IG: @dfusion.music784) - Song "Lock Down"


Joint Virtual Calypso Winner  

SHENA - Song "Quashegunny"


Joint Virtual Calypso Winner 

CHEWALEE (IG: @chewalee_rumist) - Song "Mas Debating"


Pictures courtesy of SEARCHLIGHT VC