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A Long Walk To Freedom 

On Saturday 16th March saw, the highly anticipated return of Buju Banton on the main stage of Jamaica's national stadium. Featuring an array of Jamaica's talented Reggae and Dancehall artists paying respect to one of the iconic stars of this generation.

There will be many more opportunities for fans to see Buju Banton live as he tours around the Caribbean, then going further ashore later on in the year. Check out the highlights and of course future event dates



European (UK) Soca Monarch 2019 

With a 3 year break from the original UK Soca Monarch which was held in Scala 2016, has been revamped to a new platform. All we know at this moment in time it's to be scheduled on 22 August 2019. Question on Artists and fans alike will be "What will it mean for those Artists taking part and will there be any rewarding benefits?"

I for one have been a fan of the UK talent pool and felt over time like many Caribbean Soca Monarchs the best talents tend to fall out due to winning or being cheated. If you was to ask me who i would like to see in this year's competition well it would be a set of bacchanal between few artists as the energy over the years has been some what bitter sweet.

More info to follow #EUKMonarch

Road March or Stage March Winner 2019 

With the Mecca of Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago coming to a close, you can't help but ask yourself did revellers vote count or was it a Mafia hand in play that gave Machel his 10th road march of his career. This year with social media playing its part from masqueraders claiming that Savannah Grass was the people's choice on Monday and Tuesday.

We even got a plea from Runner up, Kes claiming the rules need to be changed to make it's a fairer competition as over the years dj's are forced to play a particular track on the stage and not just during road experience. This year's road march title was too close to call and even after the long wait no one knew who was truly going to take it.

Congratulations to all Soca artists and producers who made this season a very memorable one.





Skinny Fabulous, Machel Montano & Bunji Garlin - Famalay



Kes The Band - Savannah Grass


International Soca Monarch Results 2019 (Trinidad) 

It was a night for Grenadian representation in this year's Soca monarch with representation coming from V'ghn and Mandella in the groovy and Mr Legz, Wuss Ways and Mr Killa representing heavy in the power. Some might say it should have been a 1, 2 with Grenada taking it but it was Swappi who saved Trini's blushes in their own back yard for the groovy category.



1st Place - Mr Killa - Run Wid It

2nd Place - Iwer George - Water Blessings

3rd Place - Mr Legz - Wining Challenge 




1st Place - Swappi - Party Start

2nd Place - Teddyson John - Vent

3rd Place - V'ghn - Trouble In The Morning

International Soca Monarch Finals 2019 - Fantastic Friday 

Machel Monday - Live 2019 

This year's Machel Monday is live on youtube, so get ready to see a special show featuring the best artist from Trinidad & Tobago, as well as the Caribbean as we celebrate one of the greatest artist in the Soca scene, Machel Montano.



New Rules For The Road 

With the return of Power Soca in Trinidad, there's been one song that seems to be leading the race for Road March this year but the question on most revellers near and far was "Can Famalay be eligible for Road March?".

The answer to this mystery is yes, despite Vincy artist Skinny Fabulous being involved in the track, as its sung by two Trini's overall its eligible by right, which has been the rules since 2007. Question is which track will come close to topping this power house of a song for the Carnival season?



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Monarch Change 

On 14th January we was informed that Fay Ann Lyons, the only female winner of the International Soca Monarch will be in charge of the of this year's competition and future arrangements. First immediate change which many revellers were happy to see is the return of the Power category in the twin islands. 

Another noticeable change in the rules is that this year's winners will have a handshake with Grenada, meaning whoever wins this year's competition will be in the finals of Grenada's Soca Monarch. With more islands getting involved in this new rule also mean the winner will get by entry into that respective country.

In other news concerning reigning champion, Voice has decided to say 3 and out with him making a statement on his social media regarding the competition. Some might say its a cop out from the reigning monarch but its now up for grabs in both categories for new Monarch champions.

Fay Ann Lyons ft Bunji Garlin - We Fm Interview

Voice Bows Out


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Who Really Mash Up?? 

Bacchanal is hotting up in Trinidad with Iwer George, as he released his first power single of the season "Bacchanal Roadmarch 2" during the month of December, targeting the the so called Soca Mafia. Last year's rivalry between the Water Lord and Monk Monte took another turn when Machel hit back with an answer back called Dr Mash Up.

Round 1 - Iwer George

Round 1 - Machel Montano


After that commotion, as if things couldn't escalate into another frenzy? Iwer went back into the studio to hit back Machel and his camp with new verses. It was also said that genius behind Dr Mashup was Skinny Fabulous ghost writing skills.

Well it was a complete landslide when Machel came with another hard hitter reply with Dr Mash Up! Lets just say you dont call yourself the King of Soca for no reason! See below for round 2.


Round 2 - Iwer George

Round 2 - Machel Montano


The last time Soca witnessed such an explosive mini clash so to speak is when the Brothers of the original Burning Flames had a back and fourth session for several years.

Buju is Free 

On December 8th we saw the release of Dancehall and Reggae icon. To many he's known as the Gargamel and others in recent years will hope he can be the answer to balance out what the scene has been missing of late. A voice that resonates and brings back fans of music and not the war side and dangerous dancing that we have seen in the last 10 years.

Welcome home Buju Bantan and lets hope his first official single is one that sends waves across the nations.

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