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EUK Soca Monarch 2022 

Europe United Kingdom Soca Monarch® (EUKSM) 2022 is to be held online. The top three finalists will compete live on Grand Stage in the South of England on the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. This is on the 5th of June 2022, with the the top prize scooping £1,000. 

With 9 contestants competing this year, we're getting a well balance and variety of artists coming from UK, some born here others residing and of course we have artists also from Europe including Switerzerland and The Netherlands.

You can vote for your favourite Soca Artist via email or the official whatsapp number (Links coming soon). Voting closes on the 28th March and on the 3rd April will reveal who will battle it out to win this prestige prize.


The Contestants



Taiisia Alleyne


Nikie Baby

Nat & Ish


De Oliveira

Calypso Dan

Rant or Gimmick for New Single 

Yesterday we saw Nessa call out one of the hardest working DJ & Producer for she song. The question is when is the coming out and will it be a big hit with all the noise its bringing!!

PS: After DJ Private Ryan made a response post given us a snippet of whats to come. Hours later both posts had been removed from social media. We're all now waiting for this track.




No Sewo We Making A Stand! 

Last week we saw every DJ in Dominica say no more as they've decided to boycott due to impact of the local DJs during the pandemic as well as the natural disasters.

Lets hope the right decision has been done by the authorities once all is settled and have made a mutual agreement.


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Can't Stop Carnival 

Despite not having an actual Carnival Parade for the second consecutive year, many of the organisers and Mas Bands kept their creative juices flowing with mini documentaries.

Check out the latest one from one of our Sponsors Carnival Slayers alongside Cant Stop Fashion, as they showcase some london's finest designs that would have been on the road for 2021

For info on this episode please follow and subscribe HERE

Kassav Legend 

Last weekend we lost an absolute legend in the French Caribbean community, Jacob Desvarieux who was an pioneer of great Kassav band. 

I personally wasn't able to see the band when they made their first UK tour in 2018 in many years but i've been a fan of this band and their live vibes. See below as a sample of why he was so adored.



Local Girl Power Release 

With Bacchanal Promotions (BP) releasing their second riddim of the year, this one is called Sovereign featuring the Queen of the Caribbean Alison Hinds, Ms, Desire, Sundivas and Chenelle.

The levels of quality with the pool of talent residing right here in the UK, is definitely improving and we can only see greater things from our artists. Check out the sample below:

De Stan Home Party - Special  

We was privileged to witness two great Bajan bands showcasing their talents for fans from past and present.

If you have never experienced their talents, then all there is left to say is cowblen!!

Lil Bitts - Talawa Doc Series 

Shivonne "LIL' BITTS" Churche tells her unapologetic story on how she came into the music business. Shares her music collection to her faithful fans and gives back to those who remember the real Bitts.

Virtual Road March Winner 2021 

Like the year 2020, Soca music continues invent new ways to keep the culture alive. With no actual live Carnival happening in Trinidad, the organisers and Artists have put on exceptional shows throughout the season.

There was also a virtual road march competition, different from normal requirements of radio play and promotion, but this was solely down to voting for your favourite song of the season via text.

I suspected there might have been one major song that would sweep the nation and fans across the scene and that was Farmer Nappy's "Backyard Jam" hit single. Congratulations to him as he bagged the prize money as well as taking Soca Monarch title last week Friday.

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The Monarch Finals  

Last night we was treated by 11 contestants competing for the virtual crown of Soca Monarch 2021.

Highlights courtesy of TV6


The results were as follows

1st - Farmer Nappy - Backyard Jam

2nd - Olatunji - Drunk History

3rd - Viking Ding Dong & Mical Teja - Hornin First


Congratulations to all those who took part and made history in its first type of event due to the pandemic.