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St Lucia Soca Monarch Results 2018 

Saturday 14th July saw the annual Lucian Soca Monarchs take place at The Sab, in Vigle, Castries. Like many years the competition has been getting harder as new talent arises on the scene to cause an upset. With the likes of Kisha, Ezra D Fun Machine and Sedale, they brought a new lease of life in both categories but was unable to topple the reigning monarchs.

It was an astonishing achievement for Arthur who was crowned 5 times winner in the groovy monarch's with his single "Mama". Ricky T who also held onto his title with help from Teddyson John with their power monarch winner  song "Sha Leh Sho"




Groovy Soca Winner

1st - Arthur Allain - "Mama"

2nd - Sedale - "Stick On You"

3rd - Ezra D'Fun Machine - "Money Dance"

4th - Kisha - "Vaval"



Power Monarch Winner


1st - Ricky T & Teddyson John - "Sha Leh Sho"

2nd - Ezra D'Fun Machine - "Wine On Another Man"

3rd - Soca Pyscho - "Pitch Perfect"

4th - Mantius - "Get Wild"




Vincy Mas Soca Monarch 2018 Results 

With Vincy Mas in full swing it was the people's favourite time of the festival with Soca Monarch hitting fever pitch. With so many great songs this season in the Ragga and Power Soca segments, it was always going to be harder to decide who will be crowned in the Ragga Soca as opposed to main section of Soca Monarch.

In the Ragga Soca Hance just failed short to retaining his title who he lost it to Fimba's "FUNKY BUSINESS" which was the people's choice throughout the season and was a big contender for Road March. In the Power section of the monarchs saw the return of Skinny Fabulous duel with the most crowned man ever in Soca, Fireman Hooper. Although there was many local choices for this one it was hard to dethrone Fireman who maintain his success in this competition and has now won this title an amazing 10 times with "AMEN".




Ragga Soca Winner


1st - Fimba - "Funky Business"

2nd - Hance - "De Ja Vu"

3rd - L Pank - "Whole Night"


Power Soca Winner


1st - Fireman Hooper - "Amen"

2nd - Skinny Fabulous - "Soca Defenders"

Joint 3rd - Hypa 4000 - "Top Man" & Small Circle - "Eggplant"


Bashment Soca Monarch 2018 

On Friday the 6th July, saw a new reign on the Bashment Soca arena, with veteran Lil Rick taking this new title with his hit single "BEN IT". The competition was in its third term with Stiffy winning it back to back but failed short in making it a triple win.

Check out his winning performance right here





1st - Lil Rick - "Ben It"

2nd - Stiffy - "No Boring Girls Allowed"

3rd - Porgie & Murda - "Come Down"

4th - Sita - "Hammer"

Soca Switch Winner 2018 

On Saturday 18th May in St Lucia was the Soca Switch Monarch finals where the local acts would compete for Groovy and Kuduro (The Denery segment is the equivalent to the power segment of this competition).  

Winers of this year's competition were Kisha K with "Vaval Vibes" taking the Groovy Soca Monarch title and Mighty & Subance who took the in the Kuduro Denery Segment with "Two Clap". The vibes were electric and will indeed be bigger and better for next year's competition.


Kisha K - Vaval Vibes

(Official Instagram)


Subance & Mighty - Two Clap

(Official Instagram)


Cayman Winning Waistline 

It was the CayMas Monarch in the Cayman Islands which featured only 4 finalists which were in order of appearance on stage; King, The Dude Feev, Vashti and Andrea Rivera. It was the reigning monarch who came out on top and is sure to be making waves around the Caribbean. The winning song was Wuk Yuh Waist produced by Dada Productions out of Dominica and the riddim was called Melanin.

Check out her official video for the single


Grabba Or Not  

Last week local Vincy Artist Grabba Finesse and youtube Channel uploader Vincy Connect had a dispute of the property of uploading the artist's music online. Vincy Connect over the recent years has been the go to place for the latest local songs to hear the up and coming artists, as well as the heavy hitters of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Vincy Connect who recently received 4 strikes regarding the ownership of Grabba's latest material. Grabba was unhappy that the channel had gone ahead without his authorization and hit back on Am Maythem radio show stating he would issue a further strike to ban the channel from Youtube. The producer of Hakeen Beats, Mr Hakeen Yearwood stated that he produced the beat a year ago and had given Grabba the song to sing on. With that being said he was slightly puzzled when the song then became a riddim and had various artists such as Royall and Lavaman.

With all this going on what about the local talent who don't have a platform to get the exposure they need to break through if the main stations aren't pushing their music? This saga i'm sure will spew over in the coming months.


Soca Rumble Round Up - St Maarten 2018 

Soca Rumble took place again in the beautiful island of St Maarten where Soca Rumble lives. For those who aren't familiar with this event, its their representation of Soca Monarchs during the Carnival season. The well deserved winners saw King James take Road March title, while Kenyo and King Vers held on to their titles in the Groovy and Power Soca categories respectfully. See the winners in glory below;


King James - Stop Talk & Wuk Up (Audio)


Kenyo - Infront of Me - Winning Performance


King Vers - Everybody (Audio)

International Bashment Soca Monarch 2018 

With the increase of this sub genre in Barbados, it seems now is the time to take this onto an International playing field. 4D Entertainment who are the original founders of this event have made it clear its open to all artists who specialise in the Bashment Soca Genre. My question is "Will be be a regional affair of talent or will it lose its local appeal once its branded a world event?", Its only a matter of time. Click flyer for the official page and updates of this event.


Road March Winner 2018 (Trinidad) 

We all had various different favourites leading up to the big stage and some favourable than others but when partnership so strong as Machel Montano, the Legend Super Blue and a touch of the stage hype there was always going to be one winner, Soca Kingdom. Here are the official results from 2 days of Trinidad Road March.



1 - Machel Montano X Super Blue - Soca Kingdom - 336 plays

2 - Iwer George - Savannah - 140 plays

3 - Patrice Roberts - Sweet Fuh Days - 112 plays


Calypso Monarch Winner 2018 (Trinidad) 

With Voice entering the Calypso Monarch with his Soca Monarch performance you would think this might be a straight forward win for 3 time winner, guess again as he was pipped out by a young Calypsonian who goes by the name of Helon Francis. Check his winning performance and message that is more poignant and meaningful than his runner up.


1st Helon Francis - "Change" 

2nd Aaron "The Voice" St Louis - "Year For Love" 

3rd Rondell Donawa - "De Problem"