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Dex Flix's Film Review "TOMB RAIDER" 2018 

First thing's first this is not Angelina Jolie's Lara Croft of 2003, this is the modern version of the game's 2013 Tomb Raider.  Alicia Vikander who plays "Lara Croft" gives us the early years of how she became the fierce-some warrior we all love in the game franchise.

There are parts of the film i felt were over done with the use of CGI like most action films of the modern era. Overall the film was just above average and i wouldn't say it was Alicia's best roles to date and that might be due to lack of direction from Roar Uthaug.

Personal Rating 7/10 | Critics Rating (IMDd) 6.9/10

Dex Flix's Film Review "RED SPARROW" 2018 

An American Spy Thriller that features Jennifer Lawrence as a Prima Ballerina called "Dominika Egorova" suffers from a major accident which brings uncertainty to the progression of her career. She soon turns to secret intelligence agency called Sparrow School where they train the young gifted minds and body as weapons of destruction.

Dominika rises as the most potent Sparrow ever created from the school and discovers she needs someone to have her back after meeting the CIA agent "Nathaniel Nash" played by Joel Edgerton. This film for me was rather drawn out and could have been shorter for what it covered. Personally its not one to remember after the intro of the film.

Personal Rating 6.2/10 | Critics Rating (IMDd) 6.7/10

Dex Flix's Film Review "THE SHAPE OF WATER" 2018 

Set in the year of 1962 Baltimore, "Eliza Esposito" played by Sally Hawkins is a mute custodian at a government laboratory who works lonely as a cleaner. She discovers a lab's top secret, a mysterious scaled creature from South America that lives in a water tank. As time goes by she develops a bond with her new fond friend and fears for the creature's future, when the hostile agent and biologist "Strickland" played Michael Shannon plans to terminate its very existence.

The Director Guillermo del Toro who brought you "Blade 2", "Hobbit", and "Puss In Boots" to name a few sure keeps this theme of the film well as a romantic fantasy of the 60's and the green tinge set's the mood of the film well. If you like strange with a touch of love this for you.

Personal Rating 7/10 | Critics Rating (IMDd) 7.6/10

Dex Flix's Film Review "I, TONYA" 2018 

The story of the first triple axel skater out of United States "Tonya Harding" who's life got ruined in 1994 by her ex husband as they plotted against a fellow Olympian "Nancy Kerrigan". The Director Craig Gillespie follows the early days of "Tonya" played by Margot Robie and her Mother "LaVona" played by supporting actress Allison Janney.

We also get a taste of the kind of relationship she had with her ex husband "Jeff Gillooly" played by Sebastian Stan. With that combination there was only one way Tonya would have ended up long term. The film has some one liners that will have you shocked or laughing for all the wrong reasons, but overall worth a watch to see how she rose to fame and shame.

Personal Rating 7.4/10 | Critics Rating (IMDd) 7.6/10

Dex Flix's Film Review "BLACK PANTHER" 2018 

As we gear up to the Infinity War in the Marvel franchise, T'Challa returns to Wakanda after his Father's death in the "Civil War" Film. T'Challa is the next air to the throne and has to lead the people of Wakanda as his Father once did. T'Challa soon realises there is a hidden family secret that comes to bite back and has to quickly show he is the right man for the job. 

Imagine Africa untamed by the Colonisation is what you get in this movie and the Director Ryan Coogler, stays true to almost everything about Africa to its People, the fashion styles, natural resources and potential technologies that it could have developed in this futuristic approach. Never have we seen such an all Black cast that didn't disappoint in this Superhero movie from Marvel. This film is for all fans like even if you're not a Comic fan.

Personal Rating 7.9/10 | Critics Rating (IMDd) 7.8/10


Leading Actress Frances McDormand plays "Mildred Hayes" who has just had enough of the lack of policing in Missouri. After several months have passed with no suspect in sight she takes action and decides to rent out some billboards which causes a stir in the local town. 

Woody Harrelson who plays the local Sheriff "Bill Willoughby" is scrutinised by the local news and his second in command officer "Jason Dixon" played by Sam Rockwell, comes across as the amateur cop who is very hot headed and violent just fuels Mildred's determination to get some answers from these officers of the law. As this film progresses you're open to each character's personality and feel a sense of dignity when all comes to a close. One for the grown ups! 

Personal Rating 7.9/10 | Critics Rating (IMDd) 8.3/10

Dex Flix's Film Review "ROMAN J. ISRAEL ESQ" 2018 

The director who brought you "Nightcrawler" Dan Gilroy tries to tell a story about an idealistic defence lawyer called "Roman" played by Denzel Washington. Roman who's mentor "Jackson" is seriously unwell, so Roman tries to step in and keep the firm going by taking on the cases. Roman's character shows tendencies of being savant and uses this to his advantage in court of law.

His mentor doesn't recover from his illness and dies, living his daughter to sell up and close the firm. Roman is then recruited by one of the legendary mentor's former students "George Pierce" played by Colin Farrell. Roman finds himself in a series of events that even his activism character is tested to the limit. The way the film ended left me rather disappointed and this film could have been a really good story.

Personal Rating 6.5/10 | Critics Rating (IMDd) 6.4/10

Dex Flix's Film Review "DEN OF THIEVES" 2018 

If you love action with big guns and heists, then this one is right up your street. With Gerard Butler who plays "Big Nick O'Brien" leader of the Regulators, an elite unit of the LA Sheriff's Department are called in to investigate a heist that has gone wrong.

Meanwhile Pablo Schreiber who plays the bad guy "Ray Merrimen" the Outlaw leader recently released on parol, decides to break into an almost impossible target of the Federal Reserve Bank. The two teams go toe to toe and one team are left licking their wounds.

Personal Rating 7.2/10 | Critics Rating (IMDd) 7.1/10

Dex Flix's Film Review "THE GREATEST SHOWMAN" 2018 


Let me just say this, if you love a sing a long and a decent story you're in for a treat. Some may say its a slice of Moulin Rouge meets La La Land. This film is an original musical that celebrates the birth of show business. MIchael Gracey's directorial debut captures the influences from the P.T. Barnum who created the "Barnum and Bailey Circus".

With a great Cast featuring Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, Michelle Williams, Rebecca Ferguson and singer Zendaya. The songs are uplifting and one in particular just gives you feel you that feel good factor, which is called "This Is Me" performed by Keala Settle.

Personal Rating 7.8/10 | Critics Rating (IMDd) 7.9/10

Dex Flix's Film Review "THE MERCY" 2018 


Based on the true story of a Yachtsman's dream to win the 1968 Golden Globe Race. Colin Firth who plays the leading role of "Donald Crowhurst" is forced to make some drastic sacrifices to be able to enter the race, with his sponsors running out of patience on the delivery of his yacht.

Donald has to sell up the family home as compensation for his sponsors if he doesn't complete the race, as well as leaving behind his wife "Clare Crowhurst" who is played by Rachel Weisz and his two sons. Colin Firth's performance is dark and overall the film leaves you wanting more in the end. This film is still a worthy watch and like all real life stories there's always an emotional twist.

Personal Rating 6.3/10 | Critics Rating (IMDd) 6.1/10