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After the release of the first prequel to the original Harry Porter Stories. Grindelwald escapes from his imprisonment and tries to continue building an army of pure bloods wizards. "Dumbledore" played  by Jude Law realises he can't defeat this dark wizard and requires the help of "Newt" played by Eddie Redmayne to build a team resistance. 

Who will be the chosen wizard to take Grindelwald down, as that won't be the only thing the new wizards will have to worry about. It's soon about to get dark in this ravishing tale. 

Personal Rating 7/10 | Critics Rating (IMDd) 6.8/10

Dex Flix's Film Review "FIRST MAN" 2018 

One of the most iconic moments in human history, as we re-live the life of "Neil Armstrong" played by Ryan Gosling, as the first man to walk on the moon. We get a feel what it might have been like as a family man and how they coped when he was called to duty. Supporting actress Claire Foy who plays "Janet Shearon Armstrong" the wife of Neil and could possibly up for a nomination in her role.

Overall film for those who love the fairytale story of mankind taking that giant leap and risks of being an astronaut then you will enjoy the efforts made in this film. Damien Chazelle done well with the overall picture of this movie and capture the essence in being up in Space.

Personal Rating 7.5/10 | Critics Rating (IMDd) 7.5/10

Dex Flix's Film Review "WIDOWS" 2018 

A heist gone wrong where the wives are left to pick up the pieces of their dead husbands. With leading actress Voila Davis playing "Veronica Rawlings" who's the main widow in this this unwinding tale. She get's in contact with the other widows and tries to clear the debt left by her husband.

In the shadows the truth comes to light and this definitely evident in this film. If you like films that make you think about plots and unthinkable outcomes this one is right up your street.

Personal Rating 8/10 | Critics Rating (IMDd) 7.4/10

Dex Flix's Film Review "CRAZY RICH ASIANS" 2018 

A world where some have it all but love, while others are looking for their one true love. First thing to notice which is the obvious is a great cast of Asian talent on screen which sets the tone of the movie.

Constance Wu who plays "Rachel" as the girlfriend who dates the sought after Batchelor "Nick" played by Henry Golding. Their feelings become more than just dating and Nick ask's Rachel to marry him, which was the easy part but there are more obstacles further down the line that want this episode to end sharpish. 

Personal Rating 7.3/10 | Critics Rating (IMDd) 7/10


Dex Flix's Film Review "SEARCHING" 2018 

Being a Parent in this digital era can have its pros and cons and John Cho played by "David Kim" soon finds out the hard way. After David's wife dies from cancer he's trying to keep the family together and see his daughter "Margot" through college. He starts to see changes in his daughter's lifestyle and soon has to find out how she has disappeared.

Anyone watching this, will feel the emotional rollercoaster set by the Director Aneesh Chang as he puts us the viewers nerves through the paces. I definitely liked the concept of this film and is worth a watch.

Personal Rating 8/10 | Critics Rating (IMDd) 7.7/10

Dex Flix's Film Review "SMALLFOOT" 2018 

A story about the mythological creature called the Yetis, who are living above the clouds on a mountain minding their own business. Until a small foot known as humans have crashed into their hidden lands. Channing Tatum plays the young male Yeti called "Migo" who discovers the small foot but when he summons the village to see what he discovered there is no signs of the crashed helicopter.

Migo is then casted out by the king Yeti "Thorp" the stone keeper played by Common. Just like many things in life you get a small crowd of folk who are seen as being crazy yet there not far from the truth of what is to be discovered. In this case Migo meets fellow believers of the sitings of small foots and go on a quest for the truth. James

Cordon plays the washed up commentary film maker known as Percy Patterson who's looking for his next big break in his career and something eventually finds him and looks to capitalise on his new findings.

Personal Rating 7.3/10 | Critics Rating (IMDd) 6.7/10

Dex Flix's Film Review "BLACKKKLANSMAN" 2018 

Imagine your job was to gain as much info from the KKK, as Black man pretending to be White man on the phone, while using your Police officer who is indeed a Jewish surrogate to act as a Racist man in person, some might say this is a far fetch story well i'm afraid this was an account of actual events.

Director Spike Lee sets this film in the late 70's with leading actors John David Washington as Detective "Ron Stallworth" and Adam Driver as Detective "Philip Zimmerman". These guys get so into gaining information that they gain the trust of the current leader and is looking to step down and let new blood lead on the legacy and this is where the story begins to get interesting. Overall fully enjoyed the plot of the film and is worth a viewing.

Personal Rating 7.1/10 | Critics Rating (IMDd) 7.6/10

Dex Flix's Film Review "A STAR IS BORN" 2018 

A remake of the original 1937 film of the same. This one features and directed by Bradley Cooper as "Jackson Maine" who is a hard drinking musician who goes on tour and falls in love with "Alley" played by Lady Gaga, a a night club owner & a song writer. After coming off from one of his tours, Jackson drops into a bar where Alley is singing Drag-Queen Bar and instantly sees her potential and asks her to come on tour with him.

Things begin to look up for Alley and is soon signed by a record label who takes her career in the path only Jackson could only hope and dream of. Jackson begins to get bitter as time goes on and ends up in a self destructing spiral which affects everyone in more ways than one. 

The chemistry with Bradley and Gaga is natural on set, especially with the songs that have been chosen. Other mentions within this film is supporting cast from Dave Chapelle who play Jackson's best mate called "George". This film is emotional at times and expect for this to get nominated for several awards.

Personal Rating 8.2/10 | Critics Rating (IMDd) 8.1/10

Dex Flix's Film Review "NIGHT SCHOOL" 2018 

After the success of "Girls Trip" for Tiffany Haddish, she features in this film as the Night School teacher called "Carrie" where she's got to mentor and keep encouraging her students, one being Kevin Hart as "Teddy Walker". Teddy's character feels he's always falling behind in high school and didn't really know why he was doing this, until he's forced to take extra curriculum.

The adventure gets interesting when Teddy meets an old friend of his who now plots to try ruin his chances of passing night school and having a lovely relationship with his wife to be "Lisa" played by the lovely Megayln Echikunwoke. Overall the story isn't bad but has a message with all the cheesy parts that you have to endure in this movie.

Personal Rating 6/10 | Critics Rating (IMDd) 5.5/10

Dex Flix's Film Review "VENOM" 2018 

Tom Hardy plays the mysterious Marvel character "Venom". Unlike the another Marvel character such as "Deadpool" who has the more realistic approach to how Marvel characters would have behaved if it wasn't always shown as a child friendly approach to the majority audiences.

Unfortunately it felt like this film was in second gear and never really got off to another level for that same reason. Venom is a vicious and violent character and we just don't get that. With the way it ends we can only hope there's a sequel where it matches what we've stated above.

Personal Rating 6.8/10 | Critics Rating (IMDd) 6.8/10