Quarantine Roadmarch?

With pretty much most of the year written off with the destruction of Covid 19, some artists have taken this time to reflect and give us Quarantine anthems to remember. Before i get into my top picks currently floating about, we say salute to Viking Ding Dong for first recognising this and refixing his Soca release from Trinidad called "Outside".

DJ Jel and I had a chat about potential Road March singles in the We Bleed Soca group, as more content grow. If there was such a competition which song would take it for you? Here's my top picks below;


Viking Ding Dong - We Inside 🇹🇹


Ricardo Drue - Homesick 🇦🇬


Signal Band ft Shelly - Inside 🇩🇲


Boyzie - Need Ah Fete 🇬🇩


Wetty Beatz - Tings Go Nice Again 🇻🇨


Voice - By Any Means 🇹🇹


Mic Love - Corona Don't Run From Me 🇻🇮


Dynamite - Corona 🇻🇨


Spectrum Band - Corona Mash Up 🇻🇮


Snoopy x Mental x Lizardman x Mad Z - Corona Haul You Mc 🇬🇩


Triniboi Joocie - Quarantine 🇹🇹🇬🇧


This last song was just beautiful and will definitely sweet your hearts when you hear the medley. I've chosen this one as a bonus one to watch. I've decided to include different genre of music but for me its as sweet as Soca. Coming out of the African nations of Kenya & Uganda its Bobi Wine and All Stars 🇰🇪🇺🇬


Until we meet again Digglets, stay safe.


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