Destra Causes Real Bacchanal

In 2015 an incident involving a fan from Belize who went on stage to dance with Destra Garcia, but as a result she ruptured his bladder and is now suing the artist from his injuries. We have seen many artists doing all kinds of daring dances with the audiences to boost their performance but will this now change the way fans go on stage to part take in the artist's performances? 


In Brazil we've also seen outrages dances with some of the performers where they drop on the guy's pelvis area with force or flex their bum in a guy's face almost suffocating the participant. Begs the question you could say this type of dancing should really be banned for the safety of the fans and to protect the artist's reputation. See below for example's from Brazil in the Baile Du Funk scene which is their local music, where they have girls called "Mulher" dancing and getting fans to partake in their dance.

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