Set in 1940’s we follow the incredible story of the World War 2 battle of Midway. Six months before this was the devastating attack on Pearl Habour by the Japanese forces and their planning something big again that ther Americans aren’t expecting. 

Edwin Layton played by Patrick Wilson is responsible for the intelligence strategy for the American forces to plot their attack on the potential discovery that the Japanese are set for a Midway attack. 

With superior ranks of Chester W Nimitz played by Woody Harrelson and William ‘Bull’ Halsey played by Dennis Quaid lead their men to a victorious battle. Honourable mention to Ed Skrein who played Dick Best as the bravest pilot that risked his life for his country. 

Director Roland Emerich tells the story by the leaders and sailors who fought it.

Personal Rating 7/10 - | Critics Rating (IMDd) - 6.7/10 

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