Dex Flix's Film Review "GREEN BOOK" 2019

Set in the deep south of North America in the early 60's, we follow the story of an African American pianist "Don Shirley" played by Mahershala Ali and his straight talking Italian American "Frank 'Tony Lip' Vallelonga" played by Viggo Mortensen.

Shirley an exceptional classical and jazz player touring the country. He finds himself in areas where African Americans aren't welcome and has to hire a driver and bodyguard. Frank is appointment and both bond a surprisingly powerful friendship that brings them close in a time where segregation was high.

Mahershala Ali plays this role brilliantly and is definitely up for a winning performance in this film. Love true stories that come to live well this one will have you laughing and gripping with emotion for the two man characters.

 Personal Rating - 8.2 | Critics Rating (IMDd) - 8.2 

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