Dex Flix's Film Review "COCO" 2018

A story about a Mexican family who have banned all music, due to a dark past that isn't discussed in the home. This doesn't stop the young Miguel who tries to pursue his dream as an accomplished musician like his icon "Ernesto De La Cruz" He goes against his Grandmother's wishes and takes part in a local talent competition where he has to find a guitar to be eligible to enter and ends up stealing the sacred guitar of his idol.

After breaking a spell he ends up in the land of the dead and the only way back is seek the truth about his family history. This for me is another Pixar classic for the family and its the levels of Up and Nemo so get the tissues out for this one. The animation of this one was just amazing and most definitely worthy of best animation.

Personal Rating 8.1/10 | Critics Rating (IMDd) 8.5/10

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