Dex Flix's Film Review "CAPTAIN MARVEL" 2019

With times changing and Ladies getting more lead rules, its not different this would be the case in a superhero universe. Its no Wonder Woman when it comes to the overall film experience but its still a likeable character that Marvel always seem to get right when it comes to their franchises. 

Brie Larson who plays "Carol Danvers" aka Captain Marvel is witty, funny and bad ass. What more could you want from Marvel's first female Superhero film, well i tell you this, she will be an important role in the forthcoming film "infinity War" which i'm sure will be a thrilling rollercoaster of emotion when its released.

Any Marvel fan who has endured this 10 year journey will only be gasping for more and might find this film a filler but its still a film worth seeing.

 Personal Rating - 7| Critics Rating (IMDd) - 6.9

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