With all the modern scandal that seems to be surfacing in the Entertainment world, well this film is no different. Director Jay Roach looks at the Scandal behind sexual harassment charges filed against CEO owner of FOX News Roger Ailes who is played by John Lithgow. 

Like many predators theirs a chain or formula to their madness and we soon find out a group of poster girls for Fox news bond together to express and their true stories. 

A Star studied cast sees Nicole Kidman as the experienced anchor Gretchen Carlson, Charlize Theron as current flavour of the anchors Megyn Kelly and Margot Robbie who’s freshman of the group played as Kayla Pospisil. 

A shocking story that will I’m sure will send other hidden truths come to light as the years unfold.

Personal Rating 7.7/10 - | Critics Rating (IMDd) - 6.8/10


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