DC’s wild child some would say, as we take a focus on the Joker’s old flame “Harley Quinn” played by Margot Robbie. 

Director Cathy Yan tells the story of how Harley Quinn joined forces with other Superheroes such as Black Canary played by Jurnee Smollet-Bell, Huntress played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Renee Montoya played by Rosie Perez. 

A young pick pocket girl gets caught up in mix with an evil crime lord and is saved by the forming of Birds of Prey. 

Robbie Margot giving as per usual a decent performance on set but felt the film as a franchise to DC was lacking overall. For DC fans still worth a watch to see how these characters fit into the comics timeline.

Personal Rating 7/10 - | Critics Rating (IMDd) - 6.2/10 

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