The X-Men are faced up against a unique and surprising force which happens to be one of their own. 

In outer space, the X-Men are trying to complete a rescue mission. It’s almost a disaster as jean Grey gets hit by a unusual comic force. 

Jean Grey played by Sophie Turner notices she’s gaining more and more powerful by the incident from outer space but haven’t found a way to control it which evidently turns her into “The Dark Pheonix”. 

X-Men have to find a way to help her control her power before she puts all humanity at risk, while fighting with Aliens who have found out that Jean Grey could be used a weapon to rule the Galaxy. 

A under whelming franchise for Marvel fans but might be worth a watch for those looking for that Sci-fi adventure.

 Personal Rating - 6.5/10 | Critics Rating (IMDd) - 5.8/10


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