Vincy Mas Soca Monarch 2018 Results

With Vincy Mas in full swing it was the people's favourite time of the festival with Soca Monarch hitting fever pitch. With so many great songs this season in the Ragga and Power Soca segments, it was always going to be harder to decide who will be crowned in the Ragga Soca as opposed to main section of Soca Monarch.

In the Ragga Soca Hance just failed short to retaining his title who he lost it to Fimba's "FUNKY BUSINESS" which was the people's choice throughout the season and was a big contender for Road March. In the Power section of the monarchs saw the return of Skinny Fabulous duel with the most crowned man ever in Soca, Fireman Hooper. Although there was many local choices for this one it was hard to dethrone Fireman who maintain his success in this competition and has now won this title an amazing 10 times with "AMEN".




Ragga Soca Winner


1st - Fimba - "Funky Business"

2nd - Hance - "De Ja Vu"

3rd - L Pank - "Whole Night"


Power Soca Winner


1st - Fireman Hooper - "Amen"

2nd - Skinny Fabulous - "Soca Defenders"

Joint 3rd - Hypa 4000 - "Top Man" & Small Circle - "Eggplant"


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