Dex Flix's Film Review "SICARIO 2" 2018

The second instalment of Sicario, following from the 2015 film, we witness the illegal smuggling or terrorists across the US border. Senior heads turn after a swarm of terrorists blow up a local supermarket. CIA agent "Matt Graver" played by Josh Brolin teams up with his mismatch partner in crime Benicio Del Toro who plays "Alejandro Gillick" the Mexican prosecutor.

The war between Cartels turn up after a plot to kidnap one of kingpin's daughter is held at ransom. Mr Gillick discovers she's of a bloodline that is personal to him and his family and takes matters into his own hands. This eventually leads up to both Graver and Gillick deciding what they are truly fighting for and well lets say one is left for dead and seeking to avenge his family. 

Great film and one could say, is looking forward to possibly another helping of this story which should put this truly to bed.

 Personal Rating 7.7/10 | Critics Rating (IMDd) 7.1/10

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