St Lucia Soca Monarch Results 2019

St Lucia saw a new name to the Groovy Monarch by the name of  Sly, out of Vye Twizeen Boys. In the Power Category Ricky T held on to his title, making this 21 titles. For more insight see below for details and coverage of the winning songs;


Groovy Monarch 2019

1st  - Sly (Vye Twizeen Boys) - Mix Up 
2nd - Ricky T - Just A Friend 
3rd - Shemmy J - Pretty On Purpose 
4th - The Invader - Cock Up 

Power Monarch 2019

1st - Ricky T - Mess 
2nd - Ezra D’ Fun Machine - Touchdown
3rd - Mantius - Fire Under My Feet 
4th - Pablo - Keisha 


VYE TWIZEEN BOYS (Groovy Soca Monarch Winner 2019)


RICKY T (Power Soca Monarch Winner 2019)

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