Monarch Change

On 14th January we was informed that Fay Ann Lyons, the only female winner of the International Soca Monarch will be in charge of the of this year's competition and future arrangements. First immediate change which many revellers were happy to see is the return of the Power category in the twin islands. 

Another noticeable change in the rules is that this year's winners will have a handshake with Grenada, meaning whoever wins this year's competition will be in the finals of Grenada's Soca Monarch. With more islands getting involved in this new rule also mean the winner will get by entry into that respective country.

In other news concerning reigning champion, Voice has decided to say 3 and out with him making a statement on his social media regarding the competition. Some might say its a cop out from the reigning monarch but its now up for grabs in both categories for new Monarch champions.

Fay Ann Lyons ft Bunji Garlin - We Fm Interview

Voice Bows Out


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