Grabba Or Not

Last week local Vincy Artist Grabba Finesse and youtube Channel uploader Vincy Connect had a dispute of the property of uploading the artist's music online. Vincy Connect over the recent years has been the go to place for the latest local songs to hear the up and coming artists, as well as the heavy hitters of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Vincy Connect who recently received 4 strikes regarding the ownership of Grabba's latest material. Grabba was unhappy that the channel had gone ahead without his authorization and hit back on Am Maythem radio show stating he would issue a further strike to ban the channel from Youtube. The producer of Hakeen Beats, Mr Hakeen Yearwood stated that he produced the beat a year ago and had given Grabba the song to sing on. With that being said he was slightly puzzled when the song then became a riddim and had various artists such as Royall and Lavaman.

With all this going on what about the local talent who don't have a platform to get the exposure they need to break through if the main stations aren't pushing their music? This saga i'm sure will spew over in the coming months.


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