Dex Flix's Film Review "THE FAVOURITE" 2019

Based in the year of the 1700's, Queen Anne is ruler of the land, age is starting to take its toll as time passes. Unlike your normal royalty she takes up some unusual hobbies like nursing 17 rabbits with all different names or racing ducks. Some say this was in a result of her losing a child over the years and needing something to replace her pain. 

"Queen Anne" is played by Olivia Coleman, who does an amazing portrayal of the queen in this era. Accompanied by her advisor in the supporting role of "Sarah Churchill, Duchess of Marlborough" played Rachel Weisz. Rachel is superb in bringing to life how Ms Churchill was very persuasive and close to the Queen's quarters, given that sense of being untouchable.

Then there was third wheel of "Abigail Marsham" Baroness of Marsham, played by the lovely Emma Stone. Abigail started off as a maid to the Queen's needs and became an opportunist when given the chance. The chemistry between all three characters on set was enjoyable to watch throughout. The question is after all is said and done, who really had the last laugh?

 Personal Rating 7.6/10 | Critics Rating (IMDd) 7.9/10

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