Dex Flix's Film Review "SMALLFOOT" 2018

A story about the mythological creature called the Yetis, who are living above the clouds on a mountain minding their own business. Until a small foot known as humans have crashed into their hidden lands. Channing Tatum plays the young male Yeti called "Migo" who discovers the small foot but when he summons the village to see what he discovered there is no signs of the crashed helicopter.

Migo is then casted out by the king Yeti "Thorp" the stone keeper played by Common. Just like many things in life you get a small crowd of folk who are seen as being crazy yet there not far from the truth of what is to be discovered. In this case Migo meets fellow believers of the sitings of small foots and go on a quest for the truth. James

Cordon plays the washed up commentary film maker known as Percy Patterson who's looking for his next big break in his career and something eventually finds him and looks to capitalise on his new findings.

Personal Rating 7.3/10 | Critics Rating (IMDd) 6.7/10

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