A Queen Of Calypso Passes

We lost a great Queen of Calypso and to many set a presidency for many leading Soca artists to pave the way we are seeing now. Many of us took time to show our love and appreciation and i'm sure…

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Valley Of Vibes

Tallpree released his latest Soca album entitled "Valley Of Vibes". Produced by one of leading producers from Carriacou called Xpert Productions. its definitely a creative piece of work and Tallpree has released his latest music video which is featured below.

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Balance Paycheck

With the success of Motto & Machel's Issa Vibe in 2019, its now been reported Rah from the original founding members of WCK had filed a lawsuit in 2020 against Machel & Motto.

What isn't clear is that despite the…

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Change Of Direction

2020 has been a year that has seen the Soca Music Industry change in more ways than one and we've now seen Carriacou star Shortpree announce he's taking a new direction and may not be singing Soca live on stage…

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Hello Thats Familiar

Fans of Kes The Band were tagging the group to share their congratulations but it was some what confusing when the Band realised that the latest Apple advert has a very similar chorus to their hit single "Hello" which was…

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Its Problems Again

The Vincy bad boy recently dropped his full album called "Problems Again" and i must say its refreshing to see artists putting out music that wasn't released for their Carnival season and giving back to their fans. 

I was one…

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Legacy Will Leave On

One of the greats from the Calypso Era, the King Mighty Swallow passed away at the age of 78, on September 11, 2020. Many will remember his tune "Fire in The Back Seat" but he was a man with many…

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Views Over Your Head

Its been a great month for Triniboi Joocie and Wetty Beatz as they reached a fantastic milestone of 1 million views on Youtube. This month also saw their track added to BBC's 1xtra's official playlist exposing Soca Music in more…

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UK Groovy Monarch Winner 2020

During the Digital edition for Notting Hill Carnival 2020, saw one of our home grown talents Ms Desire take the title with her winning song "Soca Raised Me".

Congratulations to Ms Desire and her management. Check out the winning performance…

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Notting HIll Carnival - Digital Edition 2020

Like many special Carnivals around the globe, the pandemic has put a real spanner in the works for those are involved in the heart of the culture, as well as those who look forward to London's proudest and European's largest…

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Cyber Monarch 2020

On Friday 7th August saw the first ever Cyber Monarch for Spice Mas due to the pandemic. With music flowing and vibes to play ah mass resonating with fellow Grenadians, the event had its usual backlash of controversy with the…

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Nailah Blackman - Grammy Worthy

Mid July saw us treated by the announcement of the young talented Soca Star Nailah, who's been invited to join the Recording Academy. Their responsible for the Grammy awards.

With that being said, there's now a real possible chance that…

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