UK Groovy Monarch Winner 2020

During the Digital edition for Notting Hill Carnival 2020, saw one of our home grown talents Ms Desire take the title with her winning song "Soca Raised Me".

Congratulations to Ms Desire and her management. Check out the winning performance…

Notting HIll Carnival - Digital Edition 2020

Like many special Carnivals around the globe, the pandemic has put a real spanner in the works for those are involved in the heart of the culture, as well as those who look forward to London's proudest and European's largest…

Cyber Monarch 2020

On Friday 7th August saw the first ever Cyber Monarch for Spice Mas due to the pandemic. With music flowing and vibes to play ah mass resonating with fellow Grenadians, the event had its usual backlash of controversy with the…

Nailah Blackman - Grammy Worthy

Mid July saw us treated by the announcement of the young talented Soca Star Nailah, who's been invited to join the Recording Academy. Their responsible for the Grammy awards.

With that being said, there's now a real possible chance that…

Vincy Mas Virtual Soca & Calypso Monarch 2020

In the first week of July would have seen the highly anticipated Vincy Mas Soca Monarch take place. With the current pandemic it was done by showcasing it as a virtual spectacle which commenced on 4th & 5th July.



Quarantine Roadmarch?

With pretty much most of the year written off with the destruction of Covid 19, some artists have taken this time to reflect and give us Quarantine anthems to remember. Before i get into my top picks currently floating about…


You Mad Or Wah?!

During the pandemic, many artists either were doing clashes or representations of their hits. Kerwin DuBois took to his Instagram to allow raw talent to shine. He called this time "SPUT SHOW" or also known as "Sing Produce Unleash Talent"…

International Soca Monarch 2020 - Results

After several bad starts from the production team, its fair to say a lot of the regional artists felt a lil sabotage with their performances. Some will definitely feel they had been hard done with the results despite a few…

International Soca Monarch Finals 2020

Lets get you ready for Fantastic Friday with contestants songs and live links to watch all in one place.



2:00am - LONDON (UK) 

3:00am - BERLIN (EUROPE) 

9:00pm - NY (USA) 


6:00am - MOSCOW (RUSSIA) 

Machel Monday 2020 - The Finale

The Soca World will be watching near and far as Machel Montano invites us to join him for his extended reception. This is sure to be a special event. (Links are subject to change throughout the night)


1:00am -

Frantic Friday?!

After last year's success many of those who have loved the essence of Soca Monarch were most certainly looking forward to this year's showcase, especially with the return of Power Soca in Trinidad. 

What is rather odd is that Fay…

End of An Era Monday

The King of Soca, Machel Montano announced at Black To Blue Breakfast Party he will be doing his final "Machel Monday" which has been going for an epic 9 years. For 2020 this will be a finale of the popular…