Road March or Stage March Winner 2019

With the Mecca of Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago coming to a close, you can't help but ask yourself did revellers vote count or was it a Mafia hand in play that gave Machel his 10th road march of his career. This year with social media playing its part from masqueraders claiming that Savannah Grass was the people's choice on Monday and Tuesday.

We even got a plea from Runner up, Kes claiming the rules need to be changed to make it's a fairer competition as over the years dj's are forced to play a particular track on the stage and not just during road experience. This year's road march title was too close to call and even after the long wait no one knew who was truly going to take it.

Congratulations to all Soca artists and producers who made this season a very memorable one.





Skinny Fabulous, Machel Montano & Bunji Garlin - Famalay



Kes The Band - Savannah Grass


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