Dex Flix's Film Review "US" 2019

Jordan Peele's second major film "US", is a film i would suggest you clear your mind and prepare for it to be challenged. We are set with our leading character "Adelaide Wilson" played by Lupita Nyongo where she is accompanied by her family of 4, including her Husband to a weekend away. 

Traumatised by her past, Adelaide is convinced something bad is going to creep up on her and becomes very protective amongst her family. Her two kids get tired of the journey, while her Husband "Gabe Wilson" played by Winston Duke insists the kids can go to a local Carnival to let off some steam.

Lets just say when they go home nothing is the same again. The Wilson family lives are at risk and they must do whatever it takes to survive.

 Personal Rating - 7.5 | Critics Rating (IMDd) - 6.9

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