Based in the Early 1930's we see the story of how Ma Rainey and her band come together to record their first live vinyl and like many famous groups there's always a fall out where tensions are high.

There was exceptional performances from fallen star Chadwick Boseman who took this role serious and learnt to play his musical instrument to get into the feel of the character "Levee" who he played. Voila Davis was another one who shone through the film playing the main star Ma Rainey and you get a sense of how this leading woman demanding respect for everything she did as the lead singer.

Director George C Wofle got this one right and its one film you can appreciate the efforts made for those who love everything about what Jazz stood for in past to what it still resonates to us now.

Personal Rating 8/10 - | Critics Rating (IMDd) - 7.2/10

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